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SZ Energy Progect: Refinery,Upgrader,LNG,Petrochemical,Pipeline,Synfuels,Others
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Industry Events

Project Snapshots
CNOOC - Fujian LNG
Facility Type: LNG
Scope: New Construction
Owner: CNOOC
Location: Fujian
Region: East China
Modified: [Nov. 17, 2010]
Project description:

Project Summary
Project Name: CNOOC - Fujian LNG

Name of Client: CNOOC - China National Offshore Oil Corporation
Budget ($ US): 3,400,000,000
Main Contractor: Daqing Oilfield Construction Group Pipeline Co
China Chengda Chemical Engineering Co.
Facility Type: Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)
Status: EPC
PMC: Chicago Bridge & Iron Company (CB&I)
Location: Fujian
Last Updated: 2010-11-08 08:19:18

Project Status
CNOOC-Fujian LNG Co. Ltd. has been inaugurated as of 10th October 2003 with registered capital $42 million. The company is jointly invested by CNOOC and Fujian Investment and Development Corporation.

It is estimated that Fujian LNG project will cost more than $3.4 billion. Construction of the LNG terminal and trunk line will cost approximately $766 million. The terminal site is located at Xiuyu, Putian, to the north of Meizhou Bay, Fujian Province.

As of 8th August 2002, Tangguh Co. (Indonesia) has been appointed as the gas supplier for the project. Tangguh gas field in Indonesia would supply gas for Fujian LNG Phase I project.

As of 30th March 2005, CB&I and Chengda Engineering Corporation have jointly signed the lump-sum turnkey contract for Fujian LNG project. As of 15th April 2005, construction of this project started.

As of 20th July 2005, a bank loan agreement to finance Fujian LNG project has been signed in Fuzhou by Agricultural Bank of China, China Construction Bank, China National Development Bank as well as Industrial and Commercial Bank of China.

As of 13th December 2005, CB&I has been awarded a lump-sum turnkey contract valued at approximately US$140 million for the design and construction of the terminal system works at a new LNG import terminal. This award follows the Company’s announcement in April 2005 of a US$100 million contract to build two 160,000 cubic meter full containment LNG storage tanks at the facility. The terminal will be owned and operated by CNOOC Fujian LNG Co. Ltd.

Daqing Oilfield Construction Group Pipeline Corporation has secured the contract for gas pipeline engineering involving 50,014km pipeline and two station fields as well as engineering of four line valve rooms in September 2006.

The storage tank engineering was completed by the end of October 2006. The port engineering, receiving station engineering, gas transmission pipeline, and exterior station engineering had been completed over 35% at that time.

Quanzhou section of Fujian LNG gas transportation main body project has successfully conducted the Jin River traversing work as of 11th February 2007.

As of 7th August 2007, The China National Offshore Oil Corp, parent of CNOOC Ltd, has signed liquefied natural gas (LNG) sales contracts with five cities in the southeastern Chinese province of Fujian, where the company’s second LNG import terminal is due to start operation in 2009.

The company will supply 2.6 million tons of LNG a year for 25 years to the cities of Fuzhou, Putian, Quanzhou, Xiamen and Zhangzhou, and will also supply the fuel for three gas-fired power plants in this province. CNOOC has signed the contracts with Fujian Inner Gas-fired Power Plant and etc.

The project has achieved investment up to $566 million as of 27th August 2007. Storage tank has been completed 91%, receiving station 55%, gas pipeline 66%, and port engineering 80% at the same time.

The two storage tanks in Fujian LNG project were basically completed as of 11th September 2007.

LNG terminal of Phase I project is expected to start commissioning as of 1st October 2007 and start operation as of 31st December 2007.

Project debugging was under way as of 20th April 2008 and the project is estimated to supply gas since June 2008.

The projected capacity for Phase II project is 5.2 mtpa with start-up in 2011 as expected. It will supply gas to the second phase of Putian Power Plant, Xiamen East Power Plant, Quanzhou Power Plant and Fuzhou Huaneng Power Plant.

The two tanks, No. 3 and No. 4, expected to be completed in 2011, will boost the terminal’s storage capacity to 640,000 cubic meters, the CNOOC said in a statement.

Dock project in Fujian LNG that constructed by China Communications Fourth Navigation Bureau has been delivered as of 19th April 2008.

Phase I of Fujian Putian LNG project became operational by the end August 2008. Phase II project kicked off ahead of schedule. Feasibility study report, environmental evaluation, site programming, land expropriation and etc. preparation work in Xianyou County LNG project has been finished.
As of 27th September 2008, it is reported that capacity of Fujian LNG project is planned to increase by 100% by building two new storage tanks each with storage capacity 160 thousand cubic meters. Construction of this project will take around three years.

The first gas-steam combined cycle circulation units in Fujian LNG project - Putian gas-fired power plant No.1 generator set was connected in the power grid and came into service as of 12th October 2008. Total installed capacity of this power plant is 8*3900MW. 4*3900MW units will be constructed in Phase I project.

As of 7th January 2009, CB&I has been awarded a contract for the LNG terminal expansion project in Fujian Province, by CNOOC Fujian LNG Co. Ltd. The contract value is not disclosed.

CB&I’s scope of work includes engineering, procurement and construction of two additional 160,000 cubic meter full containment LNG storage tanks. Completion of the project is scheduled for 2011.

As of 14th March 2009, pile foundation work for the two newly-added storage tanks in Fujian LNG project has commenced.

EPC contractor for the two newly-added storage tanks project is still consortium of US CB&I, Europe B.V., and China Chengda Engineering Co., Ltd.

As of 27th July 2009, a Fujian-based liquefied natural gas (LNG) and chemicals project in which China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC) has invested has just received the first ship of LNG from the Tangguh LNG Project in Indonesia.

It marks the milestone that China has started imported LNG in accordance with its second LNG import contract. According to the 25-year contract, another 15 ships of LNG will successively arrive in the southeastern Chinese province of Fujian in the first year, and the accumulative supply will total 2.6 million tons for the full year.

The first ship of LNG will be supplied to three gas-based power plants in Putian, Jinjinag, and Xiamen in the province, as well as residents in five cities like Fuzhou, Putian, Quanzhou, Xiamen, and Zhangzhou.

CNOOC plans to boost capacity of Fujian LNG terminal to 5.2 million tons per year before 2011. Two new storage tanks of this LNG terminal have started construction by the end of 2008.

As of late September 2009, BP’s Tangguh liquefied natural gas project is due to ship out a fourth cargo in two weeks. The shipment of 150,000 tonnes (695 million cubic feet) LNG is heading for China National Offshore Oil Corporation’s terminal in Fujian Province.

BP will source for three to six cargoes on the spot market to meet the contracted volume to CNOOC.

As of November 2009, pile foundation work for the ground full-contained concrete No.3 & No.4 storage tanks with a total investment of $243 million in Fujian LNG project has been under preparation.

As of January 2010, Fujian LNG receiving terminal newly-added No.3 & No.4 ground full-contained concrete storage tanks have commenced construction. The receiving terminal will be able to store 640,000 cubic meters of LNG at one time after completion of these new storage tanks in 2011.

As of mid July 2010, CNOOC Gas & Power Group, a subsidiary of CNOOC, has started commercial operation of four gas-fired power generation units at its Putian plant in Fujian Province.

Each of the four generators has a capacity of 390 megawatts and uses liquefied natural gas as feedstock from CNOOC’s Fujian LNG gas terminal project. CNOOC’s Fujian LNG terminal has secured 2.6 million metric tons of LNG a year from Indonesia to supply to the domestic market under a long-term deal.

As of 12th August 2010, it is reported that construction of the newly-added No.3 & No.4 storage tanks in Fujian LNG project each with capacity of 160,000 cubic meters is under way.
As of 30th October 2010, the No.4 unit in Jinjiang gas-fired power plant has passed the 168-hour full-load test run which indicated that the supporting gas-fired power plant project for Fujian LNG project has been completed and brought on stream.

Project Scope

Construction of the whole project will involve:

LNG terminal project

Trunk line project (369km pipeline)

Three gas-fired power plants

5 cities distribution system

The projected capacity for Phase I is 2.6 mtpa, built with two LNG storage tanks each with a capacity of 160,000 cubic meters.

The projected capacity for Phase II is 5.2 mtpa, built with two LNG storage tanks each with a capacity of 160,000 cubic meters.

After completion of the added No.3 and No.4 tanks, capacity of the LNG terminal will be 640,000 cubic meters.

CB&I will be fully responsible for the turnkey engineering, procurement and construction of two 160,000 cubic meter full containment LNG storage tanks, including:

Deep foundations

Tank topsides

Electrical units



Piping to grade.

CB&I’s work scope for this latest award includes the turnkey engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning of the terminal system works, which encompasses civil, mechanical, piping, structural, buildings, and electrical and instrumentation work, and includes the marine loading arms and regasification system.

The natural gas from the terminal will be provided to gas-fired power plants that will be built during the project’s first phase and to household users in five cities in the province.

Project Structure
CNOOC-Fujian LNG Co., Ltd. was invested by CNOOC Gas & Power and Fujian Investment & Development Co.

CNOOC Gas & Power holds 60% interests of the joint venture and Fujian Investment and Development Co. holds the remaining 40%.

Bank loan for the project was jointly provided by the following banks respectively as:

Agricultural Bank of China: 52%

China Construction Bank: 32%

China National Development Bank: 8%

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China: 8%

Schedules for this Project
1Q-2005 EPC ITB
2Q-2005 EPC
4Q-2011 Completed

Project Personnel
Name: Chunlei Jiang
Designation: Site Manager
Department: Managing Department
Phone: 86-10-84521499
Email: jiangchl@cnooc.com.cn
Address: CNOOC, No.6 Dongzhimenwai Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing, China (100027)

Name: Guang Cao
Designation: Others
Department: Engineering Department
Phone: 86-28-85521628/85582133
Fax: 86-28-85521668
Address: China Chengda Chemical Engineering Co., Renmin South Road, Chengdu, Sichuan, China (610041)

Name: Guoqiang Sun
Designation: Project Director
Department: Engineering Department
Phone: 86-20-84412019
Fax: 86-20-84441842
Email: a001@gzpcc.com
Address: CCCC Fourth Harbor Engineering Co., Ltd., No.163 Qianjin Road, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China (510231)

Name: Mark Coscio
Designation: Director
Department: Investor Relations Department
Phone: 1-832-513-1200
Fax: 1-832-513-1095
Email: investor-relations@cbi.com
Address: CB&I, One CB&I Plaza, 2103 Research Forest Drive, the Woodlands, TX 77380 USA

Name: Xuelun Zhu
Designation: Development Manager
Department: Managing Department
Phone: 86-591-87542124
Address: Fujian Investment & Development Co., Zhongmintian’ao Tower, No.169 Hudong Road, Fuzhou, Fujian, China

Name: Yunshi Cao
Designation: Project Director
Department: Managing Department
Phone: 86-10-84521056
Fax: 86-10-84522028
Email: Caoysh@cnooc.com.cn
Address: CNOOC, No.6 Dongzhimenwai Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing, China (100027)

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